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Training at Aves

Here at Aves, we are constantly learning. We want to be the best we can be in looking after your eyes. This means that we spend a lot of time updating our skills and discovering what’s new in eyecare. Just last week, owners and optometrists Tim and Polly attended the National OCT conference in London. They spent 2 days in lectures and workshops, finding out the very latest about this exciting piece of equipment.

Aves invested in an Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) some 4 years ago. This amazing bit of kit enables us to take 3D images of the retina, allowing us to see what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s often described as an MRI scan for the eyes, but uses only light to take images completely safely.

This new technology is constantly evolving and so Tim and Polly attend the NOCT conference every year, so that they remain fully up to date with emerging clinical research. This year saw Professor Donald Hood, Professor of Visual Sciences at Columbia University in New York, give the keynote lecture on a new glaucoma report which will allow us to detect and treat glaucoma at the very earliest stage of the disease, even before vision becomes affected. We recommend an OCT scan for anyone at risk of glaucoma, that is, if you’re over 40 and have a parent or sibling with glaucoma.

Polly also took a workshop with Mr Nigel Davies, medical retina consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London. This was an interactive group discussion in which Mr Davies reviewed real patient cases, with examination of OCT scans and other clinical data, to help aid diagnosis. Mr Davies led us through each case, discussing appropriate referral protocol and ongoing management.

As ever, the conference was fantastic and both Tim and Polly returned to practice feeling excited to use our new skills and knowledge in clinic.