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Dry Eye Assessment and Therapy

Many people are troubled by the effects of dry eyes, particularly as they get older. Symptoms can range from mild irritation in certain dry or air conditioned atmospheres to persistent and debilitating soreness and blurred vision. The causes of dry eye are various. Sometimes there can simply be a lack of tears produced while in other cases it may be a problem in the quality of tears and possibly associated eyelid disease.

eye drops for dry eye treatment

How we can help

At Aves in Epping, we are able to carry out a full assessment of the tears and eyelids to determine the nature of any problem and to advise on the most suitable treatment.

In some cases where there is substantial tears deficiency, we can use punctum plugs to reduce the drainage of tears from the eye and so enhance the effectiveness of the patients’ natural tears.


If our examination indicates that this may be an effective technique, temporary collagen plugs are used in the first instance. These dissolve over the course of about two weeks. If they prove effective at reducing symptoms during this time, then permanent silicone plugs may be fitted.

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