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NHS Eye examinations

The NHS fund a standard eye examination for some patients. At Aves in Epping, we aim to offer the most comprehensive eye examination we can, but because NHS funding is limited, additional investigations such as 3D retinal scans entail a fee. These are detailed later in this section. Any additional fees that you may incur will be explained in advance.The NHS do not fund any emergency eye care.

Who is entitled to an NHS eye examination?

NHS-funded eye examinations are available to the following groups:

  • Under 16s
  • Under 19s, still in full time education
  • Over 60s
  • Those receiving income support
  • Those receiving family tax credit
  • Those receiving job seekers allowance
  • Those in possession of a current HC1 certificate
  • People with diabetes
  • People with glaucoma
  • People registered blind or partially sighted
  • People over 40 with a direct relative who has glaucoma
  • People whose prescription has complex lenses

Please note that the NHS will not fund unlimited eye examinations for any individual. The standard period between examinations is two years, unless your optometrist advises you of a clinical reason for more frequent visits. If you have any concerns about your eyes or vision, but are not due for your routine eye examination, please contact the practice and we will tell you whether a further NHS-funded eye examination can be carried out.

Private Fees

Our fees for private consultations, investigations and treatments are as follows:

Eye Examinations

Standard eye examination under 25
Standard eye examination 25 and over
Enhanced eye examination (includes OCT scan) under 25
Enhanced eye examination (includes OCT scan) 25 and over
Enhanced eye examination (includes OCT scan) NHS

Emergency Examinations

Red eye assessment
Emergency Dilation
Emergency Tonometry

Supplementary Examinations

Dry eye assessment
Diabetic retinopathy examination and report
Specialised visual fields
Coloured overlay assessment
Punctal occlusion (Collagen plug)
Punctal occlusion (Silicone plug)
Letter / report
IFS stereograms

Contact Lens Fees

New contact lens fitting
New complex contact lens fitting
Contact lens aftercare (all types)
Additional contact lens follow up