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We're Moving!

On the 31st October, Richard Pryor Opticians will be joining forces with our friends at Aves Optometrists to create Epping’s local independent eyecare and eyewear destination.

Together, we are delighted that our newly combined practice will be able to offer
the best of high-quality eyecare, latest designer brands with the personalised
service and attention to detail you’ve come to love at Richard Pryor Opticians.

At our new location, our friendly team including Zahir-Ally Kanji who has been partner and Optometrist in both locations and is available for any patients who need or want the reassurance that Aves will continue caring for all your eyecare needs.

All patient records, including contact lens details and supply, have been safely and confidentially transferred to Aves Optometrists at 221 High St, Epping, CM16 4BL.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out on our new number 01992 572302 or email


We have merged with Aves Optometrists
221 High St, Epping, Essex, CM16 4BL


For your extra peace of mind, Optometrist and partner from Aves and Richard Pryor Opticians, Zahir-Ally Kanji has collated the below frequently asked questions. If you are still unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01992 572302 or email us at

Q - Why is Richard Pryor joining forces with Aves?

  • Aves Optometrist has been established for longer, is more centrally located and is better placed to serve the community of Epping for local independent eyecare and eyewear.

  • Aves has always had a great clinical reputation and Richard Pryor have a great eyewear reputation, so combining forces makes sense.

  • In the current economic climate, and with the owner and Optometrist being the same, it didn’t make sense to run two businesses within such close proximity of each other.

Q - Why have I not been told?

  • Communication should have come in one of the following forms;

- SMS / Email / Letter, depending on the details we held for you.
- The phone lines have been redirected to a dedicated phone line at Aves.

  • I’m really sorry that you felt you were not contacted but if you drop an email to with your concern a senior member of the team will call you back to reassure you.

Q - What kind of service can I expect?

  • We want you to be delighted with the service we offer. Aves has been established for over 60 years more than Richard Pryor and we’ve been doing something right to be able to survive and thrive all these years.

  • The Optometrist (Shreena) and the Dispensing Optician (Amber), who would have seen you in Richard Pryor, have happily moved to Aves therefore you can see them and it will be as if it were only the premises that were different.

  • If you have any concerns, you can drop an email to and a senior member of the team will call you back to reassure you.

Q - What about my records?

  • All patient records and contact lens details have been safely and confidentially transferred. As a result, all your future communication will be received from this address and going forward we will look after your eye health from here.

Q - What about my contact lenses?

  • You will still receive your contact lenses to your house if you are signed up for our auto-shipment scheme.

  • If you collect your contact lenses from the practice, just remember to come to our new location for collection.

  • We will contact you when your contact lenses are ready but don’t forget to give us a call at Aves if unsure.

Q - Where should I park?

  • The same place you would have parked if going to Richard Pryor.

    Aves is only 440 feet away from Richard Pryor but if you are disabled you can park on the high street for 1 hour. Please just let us know so we can accommodate you with sufficient time.

    Aves is located just after the Starbucks and before the M&S.


Q - What are the correct details to use?

For further information, please call 01992 572302

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